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Debbie McFarland Peachtree City Photographer, Senior Portraits, Tween Empowerment Photography, Family Portraits, Weddings. Award-winning, Fine Art photography for the greater Atlanta area

Decorate with love...art with your family in it. 

Fine art for your walls and custom-designed albums along with social media images of everything purchased. Award-winning photography for the south Atlanta area.


Hi! I'm Debbie...

     Obsessed with flowers, La Croix and hummus. Still crushing on my hubby, Kevin, and crazy about our big crazy family of 6 kids. Been capturing personalities for years and loving every minute of it.

My Photography...

     Natural, vibrant, playful and emotional... capturing the real you. Photographic art that captures your lively spirit. From the time I could hold a pencil, I have been studying art. I love connecting with people, making them feel comfortable and loved so they can relax in front of the camera. To me, it's important to show you how absolutely incredible you are. The quirky, little smile, those arms that have held babies, the freckles that splatter your face, the pout that can change mom's mind, the laugh lines from playing with your grandkids...each and every beautiful part of you.

Your story...

It needs to be told. It needs to be printed. The world needs to see the real you and I want to capture it. You are worth more than a fleeting image in the cloud or in a desk drawer. I want to create legacy art for generations to come. Yes, you will also receive the same images to share on social media.

Formerly The Memory Cottage and then The Studio at Daisy Hill before our 10-acre farmhouse studio at Cedar Hill.





Old Fashioned Christmas!


WOW! Tween Empowerment


Tween Empowerment Day


New studio!


Who I Am photo project



Get in Touch with Debbie McFarland

Please contact me via email at cedarhillstudio@comcast.net or call me at 404-326-1003. We will set up a time to chat so I can hear all about your loved ones!!!


Peachtree City, GA
Your family photographer serving the Atlanta area
478 Mask Road, Brooks, GA 30205
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