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All You Need to Know

So happy you are here! My goal is to show you that you are beautiful and that your story should be told. 
It's more than a photograph of your family, child or wedding to me. It is a fun time to connect with your family, feeling comfortable to love on one another, hugging and laughing. It is about feeling empowered and beautiful, loved and valued. You are so much more than an image in a cloud.

Let's set up a time to talk about your story. Your story deserves to be told.
cedarhillstudio@comcast.net               404-326-1003.

Senior Portraits

Woohooo!! You are finally a senior and it is time to celebrate you! No boring, "Sit down and smile" kind of photos but a fun, empowering session that is all about you - your interests, your style, your likes. We will get together and come up with super fun ideas. The more fun, the better!

For example, a swimmer who doesn't want another photo in that school swimsuit. How about a prom dress or suit in the pool! You have so many soccer uniform photos so how about a long dress with a high heel on the soccer ball or holding a soccer ball in the street in your suit? Play the guitar? How about in a field in front of an old barn or in a city alley with the electric guitar? Love Waffle House and hang out there with your friends? Let's go! Leaning against the diner stools in your favorite outfit. Field of flowers in a long, flowy dress or black edgy outfit in the city with a cool food truck or graffiti behind you. You dream it, we can do it! We can even travel to a favorite destination.

Not just photos but an epic experience because...you are amazing!!! 

 I will help with everything! From locations, outfits, props or no props, selections. I can even pop into your house to look at your walls, help you plan where things could go and even show your gorgeous images on photos of YOUR walls to see what it would look like! You also get a free family session when you do senior portraits with me to capture that time before everything changes. 


Family is EVERYTHING and should be celebrated! 

Have boring walls? I want to help you decorate with love! For your family session, I will help you every step of the way so that you have a finished final product of gorgeous wall art that will give you goosebumps even 30 years now or a custom-designed beautiful album. I can drop by your house to see your walls, measure them and take photos of different areas. I will see what colors you have in your home as well as the style, so that I can help you choose your outfits. 

For example, if your home is more formal, then perhaps an interior studio shot but still edgy if you want. We could do a cool modern look or a more traditional one. Imagine a dining room art piece of your favorite people dressed in black and white. They could even be in something really formal, like a long gown or suit but add a touch of fun with the hair blowing from a fan, while you laugh together in front of the white or black background.  If you have a casual home with neutral colors, you might want a large wall art above your fireplace with your family laughing, holding hands walking through a big field at sunset. Perhaps you have a fun, happy eclectic home (or want one) and we create a super large piece for above your sofa with your family in front of a bright mural in really cool outfits.

What a statement piece we could make, showing your family just how loved they are. Showing your guests what is most important to you and reminding you on hard days, why you do this thing called life with this crazy family of yours. 

We have all had a rough couple of years. It is time to have some fun and celebrate those people we love!

What is the Who I Am Project?

This is a tween empowerment project that has helped so many young people realize just how amazing they are. It is so much more than a photo because there is a surprise of loving, empowering words from people who admire them. Ask for more details.


If only I could give this session to every family, what a blessing that would be. A Day in the Life is where I come to hang out with your family as you live life. We figure out what makes your family special, the things you like to do together, what makes you laugh and where you like to go. It is forever lovingly documented, which would be amazing in an album to look at years from now.

What are Personal Branding Sessions?

For a business owner or social media influencer, connecting with your audience is vital. Personal branding photography is more than just a headshot or two. We will produce lots of imagery with personality so that clients feel like they can get to know who you are and therefore connect with you and your brand ethos. This is so important because if a client views you as approachable, it means that a client is more likely to reach out and book your services.

Personal branding photography is about producing a collection of photographs with personality that communicates your personality, energy and brand story to your audience. It shows that you care about your image and how you are perceived. You will have a collection, a library of images to choose from when posting on your social media or website.


Q & A
What if I don't like being in front of the camera? 
Quite honestly, most people feel the same way. I just want you to be you. My goal is for you to feel comfortable and natural. We will have fun and you won't even have to worry about getting your pictures taken. I'll check your hair, your makeup, make sure the necklace is in the right place and that you feel relaxed. You and your loves will feel right at home and will look completely natural. I promise it'll be fun!
Prior to your session, I will get to know you and what you like. I'll help you every step of the way and you won't have to worry about a thing. I am full-service studio and am the expert. From clothing advice, location, posing and helping you feel comfortable to selection assistance in your final products and delivery, I will guide you with it all.

Do you offer digital images?
You will receive a social media-sized image of everything that is ordered, in an heirloom wall portrait or custom-designed album. This way, I can guarantee my work for life. I work with the best lab in the country in order to provide the highest quality. You will have high-quality artwork that is color corrected, sharp and printed on archival paper.

I did offer digital images on my priceslist for a couple of years but now regret it and feel that I wasn't serving my clients in the way I like to serve them. Running into clients later, I was told that they got busy and lost the flash drive in a desk drawer or someplace. If they did print it, they had no knowledge of color management, exposure manipulation or cropping and their computers were not calibrated with a professional photography lab so the portraits came back with greenish, grayish faces, blurry, too dark or that they faded after two years.

The whole reason I do photography is to show people how beatufiul they are and this made me so sad...in a drawer, unrecognizable on the wall or faded after time.

Now, I can give the lifetime guarantee again and provide the highest level of customer service again, digging deeper into serving each client. 

How I serve you...

* House visits to help them figure out where to hang their beautiful artwork as statement pieces or help them create a wall gallery, combining old and new portraits 

* Free consultation to go over all the ideas - locations, outfits

* A super fun and personal way to connect and empower your loved ones as a surprise. Be sure to ask me about it! 

* Feeling comfortable in the session to hug on your loved ones, feel empowered and beautiful

* Free Design Session where all decision-makers will come view the beautiful slideshow I created and order that day together.

* Delivery of products to your home!


                                                Will you travel for weddings or sessions?
Yes, yes and YES! Let's wander the world together and find the perfect spot for you.